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Hong Kong

"the PEARL of the east"


Hong Kong is a all around type city, the difference between each seasons are not very obvious. The average temperature in the summer is around 26oC-33oC (78oF-91oF), autumn and spring the temperature usually will be around 18oC - 28oC (64oF-82oF). And for winter is average 14oC-20oC (57oF-68oF), therefore from autumn to winter is usually a popular period to visit Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a very safe city, you do not have to worry while walking alone on the street. And English is very widely spoken in HK, there should be no problem communicating in most hotel, restaurant and some taxi driver. Hong Kong has one of the world most efficient, safe and affordable public transport system. There should be no worries on "how to go" and "where to go" in Hong Kong.


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